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The Purple Goat 

Cleaning Services

Serving Flagler, Volusia, & St. John Counties

"The center of our logo is the reflection of our faith."

Michelle McCabe and her husband Kelly live on a small farm in western Flagler County. Together with their three home schooled children they decided a family based business would be the best way to maintain their family's lifestyle. This decision led Kelly to resign from teaching high school and join Michelle in developing the Purple Goat LLC. Michelle and Kelly believe that if they provide the highest quality job possible then God will provide the opportunities. So far, so good!

About Us

“Michelle came highly recommended so I decided to try her services. I was NOT disappointed! Not only does she provide a quality service she is also like having a friend visit. Her warm nature combined with her thorough cleaning is an asset. I Highly Recommend"!

Tracie - Palm Coast

“Michelle has been with me now for 3 years! Her cleaning is amazing ! The kids adore her as she always does something special for them! Whether it's leaving them... a message on their chalkboard or fixing their stuffed animals a particular way it always touches the heart a special way.  She has become part of our family!"

Laura - Palm Coast

"Michelle came highly recommended by close friends. Great service! Have not had any issues. We would highly recommend. We love Michelle's cleaning techniques/strategy of deep-cleaning normally untouched areas of the home approx. once a month on a rotation. -Side note, Michelle and her family also gave us our beloved puppy Lia! --Beautiful family and great service as a result of wonderful values & morals."
Maria - Palm Coast
“Michelle cleaned my house before I moved out and did a great job. She left the place absolutely spotless! I would highly reccomend her to anyone and everyone. I will definatley be using the Purple Goat again in the future."

         Sam - Palm Coast

“The house I was renting was cleaned after moving out, amazing job! Walls, baseboards, oven....everything looked great, and helped me receive back a full refund of my deposit! I would highly recommend them!"

Summer - Palm Coast

“Highly recommend The Purple Goat LLC! Honest and reliable, always a thorough cleaning!! Support small businesses!"

Tamara - Bunnell

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